Hope Happenings

February 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day my beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

The Lord’s Supper in the Upper Room was one of the most intimate moments in the life of Christ.  Imagine what a special moment that was for the disciples.  It is just them with Jesus while enjoying each other during a special Passover meal.  Jesus washes their feet.  Talk about up close and in your personal space.  In this moment He commanded them to love like He has loved them.  This is the defining ethos of the Church, of us.  It is this love that makes Hope on the Beach a church you want to belong to.

God is moving His love through you.  We have started the year with our biggest January attendance!  WOW even with the cold weather.  God blessed the auction and we raised more money than before for Inlet Beach.  We have more people gathering in Life Groups than before.  We have Life Groups with people who are unchurched, a Young Adult Life Group, and a new Inlet Beach group too.  Praise God!

This is great but this does not make Hope.  Hope is a faith family with Christ is love that makes a difference in us that we share with others.  This is why I am excited for the FAMILY MEAL AND GAME DAY THIS SUNDAY.  This is an opportunity for the family and friends to gather together, eat a delicious meal, share His love and have fun!  I look forward to hanging out with you this Sunday!

-Pastor Jason

Join us this Sunday for an INCREDIBLE Family Meal following our 11:00 am worship experience.  Please bring a dish to share, and make sure it's not all vegetables.
Looking for a relaxing afternoon of fellowship?  Well Sorry, because that’s not the Operation we’re running here. Bring your A-game and Risk it all at our Family Gameday! Your mind will be Boggled by the board games we have ready for you. Get a Clue, because this is not Trivial Pursuit. This is a chance for you to show off your skills and run a Monopoly on the gameday atmosphere. We’ll see you there, Yahtzee!
Jacob's Journey
          Hello! My name is Jacob Scheler and I am a Marine Biologist, no a Dentist, or maybe I’m a child of God waiting to answer my call. I have had a long road these past six years since I first started college in the Fall of 2013…

          I went to Nova Southeastern University to major in Marine Biology hoping to study dolphins or sharks after graduation. In my second year of schooling, I shadowed a local dentist and immediately thought being a doctor was what God wanted me to be and loved the title of Dr. Scheler, DMD. I graduated from Nova with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology Pre-Med and a double minor in Marine Biology and Business.

          After graduation, I moved back home to start studying for the dreaded Dental Admission Test. After applying to dental schools and not getting accepted, I decided to apply to a master’s program to keep progressing to my goal of becoming a dentist. I was accepted to LECOM’s Medical Science Masters program that would better prepare me for dental school.

          May has arrived and I am getting ready to start packing for LECOM.  However, before I get too far along my parents are asking why I am going to school at LECOM. They start asking the tough questions; one of which ties greatly with the sermon series we just completed, “What do you really want?” I learned easy answers are hardly the complete ones. I spent more time in prayer listening instead of telling God what I wanted. I was hired by Hope as an Administrative Assistant and was getting more involved in the ministry. I started to feel the joy again that comes from helping others and being part of a community of Christ followers.

          President Eric Johnson came into town and started talking to me about the Concordia Seminary SMP (Specific Ministry Pastor) Program. I was intrigued and realized God had been preparing me for this my whole life. By the end of September, only by the grace of God, I finalized and submitted my SMP application, and passed my qualifying tests at the end of October. The first week of December I got the call that I had been accepted into the SMP Spring 2019 Cohort. My classes started this week. I am blessed by this opportunity and know I am following God’s calling for my life. Thank you for the support, love, and prayers through this journey. I look forward to seeing what God has next for us!

In Christ,
Vicar Jacob Scheler
Please allow enough time before the start of service to get set up with your device at the tech booth.